tips on growing marijuana

How To Grow Marijuana Outside

Learning How To Grow Marijuana Outside Can Be A Challenge

  So you are lucky enough to live in a climate where you can grow your own marijuana outside. Just like anything you will need to learn just how to grow marijuana outside so you can successfully get a crop. Your goal will be to get some high producing plants that will give you a […]

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growing marijuana from clones

Advantages Of Growing Marijuana From Clones

We know there are various ways to grow marijuana. You can grow using soil or no soil, you can grow hydroponically or aeroponically.   All these ways to grow marijuana started with a seed. Another method that serious growers will often use is growing marijuana from clones. What Is Cloning Cloning a plant is basically taking […]

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Marijuana and Lights

Marijuana And Lights – A Special Bond

Like any plant marijuana needs light to grow. If you grow your plants outside then you will be dependent on the weather, mainly the sun for your light. If you grow your marijuana inside you will definitely need to purchase some lights. We know that marijuana and lights go together and lights are necessary to grow […]

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outdoor marijuana pests

Three of the Most Troublesome Outdoor Marijuana Pests

One of the advantages of growing marijuana indoors is that you do not have to worry about those nasty outdoor marijuana pests.  Plants grown outside have more exposure to pests that will harm them then do plants grown inside.  Beware though indoor plants can still pick up some pests that may come in from outside […]

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Coco Coir

Different Ways To Grow Marijuana

As you know there are different ways to grow marijuana.  You can grow it in soil, you can grow it hydroponically or you can grow it using a method known as Aeroponics or you can grow marijuana in something other than soil. All these ways of growing marijuana work it is just that some of […]

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growing marijuana from seeds

How To Grow Marijuana From Seeds

So you have purchased some great seeds and you now want to grow some equally great plants.  Well nothing could be easier, just stick that seed in your pot and cover it with an inch of dirt and start watering it.   Duh!  Nothing could be further from the truth.   This would work great […]

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growing marijuana from seeds

Growing Marijuana From Seeds

As marijuana becomes more popular and legal in more places, people are wondering if it is better to grow their own or just to buy it legally from a producer. There are some different methods to growing marijuana and one of those methods is growing marijuana from seeds. Something that never made any sense to […]

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