growing marijuana from seeds

Growing Marijuana From Seeds

As marijuana becomes more popular and legal in more places, people are wondering if it is better to grow their own or just to buy it legally from a producer.

There are some different methods to growing marijuana and one of those methods is growing marijuana from seeds.

Something that never made any sense to me is when marijuana was illegal to purchase it was not illegal to purchase seeds.  That one had me scratching my head for awhile.

So if you want to try growing marijuana from seeds the big question is “What type of seeds should I be looking for?”


Purchasing Marijuana Seeds – What To Look For

Purchasing marijuana seeds is a lot harder than buying yellow or green bean seeds for your garden.  You almost need to go to a class to learn all the variables that are possible with marijuana seeds.

  • Do you want seeds that are auto-flowering?
  • Do you want seeds that are feminized?
  • Do you want seeds for a certain plant?
  • Do you want a seed that will produce a high THC level?
  • Do you want seeds that are easy to grow?
  • Do you want seeds that grow fast?


As you can see there are a lot of things to take into consideration.  I think your choice will depend on how much experience you have a growing your own weed.

Beginner’s Choice

growing marijuana from seeds
growing marijuana from seeds

Most people when they first start out want seeds that are easy to grow and pretty much guarantees them a good crop of marijuana.  As a beginner you should be looking to buy feminized seeds.  These seeds will only yield female plants and that is what you want.  However under certain circumstances, usually when the plant is in danger of not surviving it will produces male flowers.  Growing male flowers allows the plant to produce pollen and then fertilize their flowers which are females and then they produce new seeds which hopefully can grow.

So you see even with the easy seeds there is a lot to be aware of.

Another choice for the newbie starting out is to use the auto-flowering seeds.  These seeds can be grown all year around and do not depend on the light cycle that ordinary plants rely on.  One does not have to worry about male plants.  This type of seed can actually mature within ten weeks.  

The other advantage of this type of seed is they will have a high level of cannabinoid without needing consistent light.  The normal marijuana  plant relies on light and dark to set their internal clocks.  This tells them when to veg and when to bloom.  Not so with the auto-flowering plant.

This type of seed almost guarantees success with your crop.  Many things that a normal grower needs to be aware of such as pests, frost and mold seem to not affect this plant.

To make sure you are getting auto-flowering seeds make sure you are buying from a reputable seller

So if these seeds are so easy to grow into plants why doesn’t everyone use them?

Disadvantages of Auto-flower Seeds

As you might have guessed there are some drawbacks if you use these seeds.  You will seldom see a commercial marijuana grower using this type of seed because auto-flowering seeds typically have a much lower yield than other seeds.  They also need much more ,light making them a more expensive plant.  For someone who is starting out and just growing for themselves a smaller yield may not be so bad but when your electricity bill comes in you may not be so happy.

Seeds For Seasoned Growers

growing marijuana from seeds
growing marijuana from seeds

Seasoned growers will often just buy regular marijuana seeds.  These seeds can turn into male or female plants, but an experienced grower knows what to watch for and what to do to get female plants.

The other type of marijuana that is now being seen more often is medical.  These seeds are have been cultivated specifically for marijuana users who suffer from some type of medical condition.  They can be suffering from the effects of chemo, difficulty in sleeping, loss of appetite, pain, muscle tension etc.  The list goes on.  Many marijuana users find relief from these ailments when they use marijuana either by smoking it or eating it in some form.

Three Types of Cannabis

Although we have the auto-flowering type and the fast growing type of seed cannabis is broken down again into three more major types.  You may have heard the terms Indica and Sativa.  All the different types of cannabis seeds can be broken down to fall into one of these two categories.  The third category is called a hybrid which is actually a cross between Indica and Sativa.

Indica Seeds

These seeds are typically used for treating anxiety and depression.  They are high in CBD but low in THC.  The plants are short and bushy and do tend to have a high yield.  Often used a night because of their relaxation effect on the body.

Sativa Seeds

These seeds are quite the opposite of the Indica seeds.  They have high THC and low CBD levels.  Harvested plants from a Sativa seed is good for treating chronic pain.  Because it can also increase focus and creativity it is recommended for daytime use.

The third type of seed is a hybrid which can be any combination of the two.  So if you have more than one medical issue you may be looking for a hybrid that can treat your various medical issues.

When you decide to buy some seeds make sure you buy from a reputable Marijuana Seed Company.

growing marijuana from seeds


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growing marijuana from seeds
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How To Grow Marijuana From Seeds


    • Karl
    • 11/30/2017

    I understand about the feminized seeds but the auto flowering ones have me confused. Do they require more light during the vegetative cycle or can they be set at 12 hours of light and 12 hours of complete darkness? I’m curious to hear your answer because they sound like they would be perfect for a newbie grower. Thank you!

      • brownie
      • 11/30/2017

      The autoflowering seeds are perfect for the beginner.  With other marijuana seeds you need to reduce the light to get them to flower, not so with autoflowering seeds.  They usually have steady light cycle of 20 hours and 4 hours of darkness.  They will begin to flower around 3 to 4 weeks and will be ready to harvest around 10 to 11 weeks.  At no time do you need to adjust the light cycle.

    • Helen
    • 12/03/2017

    Maureen, I lived in an area well known for its ‘alternative’ lifestyle. Often friends would visit and roll a joint. Seeds would fall into the garden and magnificent plants would appear. Heck knows what type of seeds those were.

    My partner and I went away for four weeks and when we returned home one plant had appeared and taken off. I cut it back several times and it still ended up enormous.

    So I really don’t worry about the sort of seeds. In my yard they just turn up as growing plants.

    I love your article and it’s nice to see authorities are starting to get some sense about marijuana.


      • brownie
      • 12/03/2017

      With all the things that you hear about the difficulty in growing marijuana it is nice to hear that if marijuana was left alone it would still grow.  You read about all the nutrients that you need to add to the soil in order to get a good producing plant.  In your case all the nutrients seem to be already there.  Makes you kind of wonder about all these recipes for super soil.  By the way I will be putting in an order for abut 5 pounds of backyard dirt! (lol)

    • jeffrey16201
    • 12/05/2017

    Very interesting and informative article on growing marijuana from seeds, I never realized there was so much to consider if you wanted to grow marijuana from seed.

    Is it legal to grown marijuana from seed on your own in places where it is legal to use? I am a gardener and love trying to grown new types of plants, I wonder if Marijuana would make a good houseplant?

      • brownie
      • 12/06/2017

      Hi Jeff marijuana would not be a good houseplant simple because of the odor it gives off.  People who grow marijuana inside usually have the marijuana in a room that is very well ventilated with fans going all the time to suck out the smell.

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