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Marijuana seems to be in the news a fair bit lately.  I thought it might be a good idea to keep track of this news.  Also if you have anything to add We would greatly appreciate it.


So our first bit of news happened in the U.S.  The attorney general of the United States, Jeff Sessions has made it quite clear for some time now that he is very much against the use of marijuana.  He actually said that “Good people don’t smoke marijuana”.  On Thursday January 4th, 2018 Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the Cole Memo.  The Cole Memo was a passive policy under the Obama administration concerning federal enforcement of the cannabis  laws.

How does this affect states that have made the use of marijuana legal?  While it may be legal in the state apparently if caught with marijuana you can be charged under the federal law.  This applies to medical marijuana use also.

Even though Trump campaigned to leave this up to the states he has again broken another campaign promise.  Jeff Sessions also when being questioned prior to taking the Attorney General’s job indicated that he was not going to change anything.

I am not of fan of Jeff Sessions but in all fairness he is just enforcing a law that is already there.  The law is outdated and needs to be changed and that is up to the congress.

That is my take on this.  What is yours?



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