Top Medical Marijuana Strains

Top Fifteen Medical Marijuana Strains

top medical strains of medical marijuana

Top Fifteen Medical Marijuana Strains

Top Medical Strains of Medical Marijuana

As a person with a medical license for marijuana for the past two years although it was legal to buy it, it was not legal to grow my own. You needed another license for that. Now that Canada has legalized marijuana for recreational purposes each household can grow a certain amount of plants. Here in Ontario it is four plants per household. So now finding out the top ten medical marijuana strains and what they are used for can make a big difference to those of us who suffer some medical condition.

So now that you can grow your own medical marijuana you will want to grow something that will help with your medical condition. Some strains of marijuana are better than others. First we need to take a look at the two main categories of marijuana which are Indica and Sativa. We will also look at a third category which is Hybrid. These types of marijuana are then divide further into strains.

Indica often described as “in the couch” typically relaxes the user while Sativa will help the user raise their energy levels and the Hybrid combines the two. Because of the effects they have on the user Indica is usually used in the evening while Sativa can be used during the day. Also, Sativa contains higher amounts of THC than Indica which contains higher concentration of cannabinoids(CBD).

Top Ten Medical Strains for Pain

The Hybrid happens when growers cross-breed Indicas with Sativas. The reason for this is to address the many needs of users and especially people using marijuana for medical reasons. The cannabis market today is saturated with hybrid strains.

When doing the research for this I found many strains of marijuana listed as the top ten for medical use. As is typical in the marijuana industry everyone has their own opinion.

Top Ten Medical Marijuana Strains for Pain

Blackberry Kush – This is a dominant indica strain that can be used for severe pain. It is high in THC so I would not recommend you go anywhere after using this. It is also helpful for those that have trouble sleeping. The side effects of this strain can be dry mouth and dry eyes.

Blue Widow – This is a hybrid strain that is renowned for its anti-inflammatory qualities. It will help to manage your pain and also help with depression. Dry mouth is one of the negatives effects of using this strain.

Harlequin – is a high CBD strain that is very effective for pain and anxiety. Users enjoy the relaxation and relief felt without the high of THC. One of the negative effects of this strain is again dry mouth. I am seeing a pattern here.

Top Ten Medical Strains for Pain

White OG – is a hybrid strain which is indica dominant. It is good for pain and is better to take in the evening since it may make you sleepy. Again dry mouth is one of the negative effects.

Purple Kush – is a pure indica strain which causes the body to totally relax. This can be a big help with pain relief.

Romulan – This strain comes from British Columbia in Canada. It is an indica type strain that is sought after for its pain relieving qualities. One of the side effects – yes you guess it – dry mouth.

S.A.G.E. – stands for Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium. This hybrid strain will help to gradually reduce your pain and help you to relax. Since the effects do last long I would suggest this is best taken in the evening. Dry mouth again tops our negative effects list.

ACDC – is a high CBD hybrid. The ratio of THC to CBD is 1:20. This strain can help with your pain without the high effect.

White Widow – is another hybrid strain leaning towards Sativa. The white widow is a popular strain known for its pain relieving qualities as well as stress relief and depression.

Bubba Kush – is an indica strain. Its powerful effects will have your whole body relaxing in no time and quite possibly falling asleep. Many pain patients find relief while using Bubba Kush.

Now as you know you can ask 10 more people what they believe to be the best cannabis strains for pain and you will get 10 different lists.

Sativa strains are usually preferred because it does not make you sleepy ;like the indica strains.

The indica strains often offer a whole body high which does greatly reduces one’s pain.

As with all things what might be good for one may not be good for another.

Marijuana is often used for people who are having trouble sleeping. If you have ever gotten a prescription from your doctor for medication to help you sleep you may have found that although it does help you sleep you will be very tired and sleepy for the whole day. The effects of the sleeping pill seem to stay with you for most of the day. That is why many people are experimenting with marijuana to help them sleep. Marijuana will help a person to relax thus helping them sleep. When you find the right amount to take you will wake up refreshed with no unwanted side effects. Because of the lack of information on marijuana when using marijuana for medical use many doctors really cannot tell you how much to use for your medical condition.

So let’s take a look at some top marijuana strains used to help people sleep and relax.

Top Five Medical Marijuana Strains for Sleep and Relaxation


Marijuana Strains For Sleep and Relaxation

Many people when they are looking for relief from lack of sleep and are looking for some relaxation from the stress in their lives will usually turn to indica strains. Although there are many hybrids and mixtures of Indica and Sativa that work quite well. Following is a look at some of those strains.

Grandaddy Purple – this hybrid is half indica and half sativa with a high level of THC. Because of the effects of this strain and what you are using it for this is best taken in the evening. It will help your body relax and when it is time to go to bed will definitely help you sleep.

Larry OG – is another hybrid indica strain. This strain although potent will give your body that relax feeling but still allow you to get things done. This strain is best in the evening when you are trying to relax. It’s ability to help you relax will also help you sleep.

Death Star – is a mostly indica strain with 18% to 27% THC. It has a calming effect on the user which can happen slowly. The user, once he feels the full effect their worries seem to disappear. This is perfect state to be in to help fall asleep.

A-Dub – This hybrid strain is 80% Indica and 20% Sativa with 25%-28%THC. This will give the user an all body encompassing buzz. Not only does this strain help you sleep but it also helps people suffering from stress, PTSD and bipolar.

Big Bud – is an indica strain that is known for its large buds which are also very potent. This combined with the high yield you can get from this plant makes it very popular for those having sleeping issues.

Another thing that you should be aware of is how you use your marijuana will affect how fast it will start to show effects. For example if you smoke marijuana you will feel the effects much sooner than if you ingest through edibles. Taking edibles however will have a longer lasting effect. Everyone is different so be careful as to the amount that you use. A good rule of thumb is to start slow and small.

Another caveat is to remember that other medications you are on could react with the marijuana. Another reason to take it slow.

There are many strains of marijuana available. Some say there are over 1000 different strains. So my lists above will be totally different from someone else’s list. Since marijuana is becoming more popular and open since it went legal in Canada and some states, I am sure people are experimenting and creating more hybrids that will help people with their medical issues.

If you have any questions about this article don’t hesitate to ask or leave a comment.




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