Marijuana Drop Box

The United States certainly have strange laws when it comes to marijuana.  Certain states have made marijuana legal both medically and recreationally, however it is still illegal to possess marijuana.  Say What!  Well the good ole U.S. of A certainly have strange and confusing laws.  Apparently there is state law and then there is federal law and federally it is illegal to possess.  Some people in power may just turn a blind eye to this conflict but some people in power are very dead set against marijuana.  

So how do the states handle this? 

Well in Las Vegas they actually have drop boxes so when you are leaving Las Vegas you can deposit any weed you have into the drop boxes preventing you from getting into any trouble in the security lines.  You see although recreational marijuana has been legal in Las Vegas since last summer it is still illegal at Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport.

So we always hear what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – now weed is among those things staying behind.

Only in America!




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