Indica vs Sativa Marijuana

Indica Vs Sativa Marijuana – Which One Is Right For You

Those of you who are familiar with marijuana know that there are three types of marijuana. We have the Indica strain, the Sativa strain and the Hybrid. Is one strain better than the other or do they both address the same problems. We need to look at this battle of the marijuana strains. Following we shall look at Indica vs Sativa marijuana and see if one better than the other or are they both relatively the same with only minor differences.

Characteristics of Indica Marijuana

When we talk about marijuana nowadays we think of marijuana that gets you high or marijuana that helps you with some form of illness or health issue or marijuana that may combine the two.

Indica vs Sativa

Let’s take a look at the Indica strain. When I first got my marijuana license, the nurse told me that when trying to distinguish between the two to think of the phrase “in the couch” to describe the effect of Indica marijuana. The phrase conjours up the image of someone relaxing on the couch. So if are looking for something to help you relax and to help you sleep she recommended an Indica strain.

Another characteristics of the Indica strain is the plant’s appearance itself. The Indica plant originated in the mountains which is a colder climate. To overcome the harsh climate the plant is short and bushy with wide leaves. These characteristics make them better for growing indoors.

Another trait of an Indica strain marijuana plant is that the medicine produced from this plant have higher CBD and lower THC count.


Characteristics of Sativa Marijuana

Sativa marijuana is the other main type of marijuana. The Sativa strain originated in much warmer climates. Sativa can be found in Columbia, Central America and Southeast Asia which are countries close to the equator. The plant has long narrow light green fan leaves and can grow quite tall. This is not a plant for the inexperienced grower as it has a long flowering period and it can grow quite tall making a pure Sativa almost impossible to grow indoors for the home grower. Also, the long flowering period make the plant more at risk for pests and diseases. Spider mites love this plant so growers need to be ever vigilant in watching for these pesky interlopers.

Indica vs Sativa

Medicinal marijuana from a Sativa strain tend to be high in THC. This gives the user a stimulating and uplifting high.

Indica Marijuana User

So who would be the typical user of Indica Marijuana? A person who is going to try growing marijuana for the first time should probably try an Indica strain. As mentioned earlier this strain originated in cold mountainous region so it can withstand a lot thus making it easier to grow. This plant is also good for someone trying to grow their crop inside. A person looking for that feeling of relaxation and also looking for a sleep aid might also be an Indica user.

As far as it’s medical uses people suffering from muscle spasms, chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD and loss of appetite will turn to Indica strains for relief. Also, for people suffering with multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and lupus, they will often look to an Indica strain for treatment.

Sativa Marijuana User

So we have looked at the typically user of Indica Marijuana who is the typical Sativa User? A person who is a Sativa user may also be an experienced grower of marijuana. I say this because most strains of Sativa are harder to grow than Indica. The plant also can grow quite high unless you are familiar with certain methods to overcome the height and then be able to grow inside. If you suffer from depression, ADHD, fatigue or mood disorders than you may want to try the Sativa type. Since Sativa will give you that uplifting feeling and a boost of energy it is best used during the day. It can also increase a persons’ focus and creativity.

Indica vs Sativa
Smoking marijuana

Like Indica it can also stimulate your appetite so this could be beneficial for a person suffering from cancer and undergoing chemo or a person suffering from HIV/AIDS.

There is another type of marijuana that is becoming more and more popular and that is the Hybrid. When marijuana was first discovered and before human intervention there were about 60 different strains of marijuana. Looking to grow plants that a user could benefit from some Sativa effects and Indica effects people began to crossbreed certain plants. Before this you could say that a Sativa plant was high in THC and Indica leaned more towards CBD. Now with crossbreeding that is no longer true.  The line between Indica vs Sativa Marijuana is now not so clear.

Growing marijuana has become a fine science. Depending on where you get your information from some say there are over 2300 unique strains while others say it is more around 779 known strains. It is hard to keep track since growers are always experimenting and coming up with a new hybrid strain.

Some of this crossbreeding has led to some awesome strains of marijuana. The first one that pops into my mind and I imagine many others is Charlotte’s Web. This strain was developed to help a young girl named Charlotte who suffered from severe epileptic seizures. She was experiencing 100’s of seizures a week. She still has seizures but they are way down to just a handful a month so because of this she can now live a fairly normal life.

Sativa vs Indica
Medical marijuana

So What Is It Going To Be?

As you can see your choices for marijuana has increased since hybrid strains have become more popular. Some people who are looking for relief without too much of a high now have more to chose from with the different hybrid strains. Those that are in the marijuana industry are continually experimenting with different plants. This in the long run will be good for those of us that do believe in the medicinal value of marijuana and as they continue to create more hybrids they are more than likely going to come up with strains that will help more people.

So if you are not sure which is better for you discuss it with your doctor. With his help and knowledge you will have an easier time coming up with the right type of marijuana for you.



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    • Max
    • 03/15/2018

    Thanks for sharing the differences between the Indica and Sativa marijuana plants. I’ve always assumed that there was one type of plant that everyone used for all the purposes you describe. I live in the tropics, so the Sativa plant would be better to grow correct? But as you said, there are so many hybrid marijuana plants out there with more coming on stream as they are developed. I’m excited to see what else the marijuana industry comes up with!

      • admin
      • 03/16/2018

      Hi Max thanks for dropping by. Living in the tropics definitely has its advantages. You could easily grow both plants without any problems. Both types need light, heat and moisture. More and more people are experimenting as they grow so only time will tell what they may come up with. One thing is for sure marijuana is here to stay.

  1. Reply

    Thanks for the information on the different types, the feelings each gives and what they each can be used for. I still live in a state where growing marijuana is illegal, but I’m sure in due time we will be able to grow it here too.

      • Brownie
      • 03/17/2018

      Hi Debbie I am lucky to live in Canada where our young Prime Minister has embraced the marijuana movement. My husband and I were in Toronto about 3 years ago when the marijuana debate was going strong. We were driving down Yonge street and a bunch of people were demonstrating to legalize marijuana. We had to roll up the windows because the smell of marijuana was really strong. There had to be about 100+ people protesting and they were all smoking marijuana. I cringe to think what would have happened if that had been in the states. Only in Canada eh!

  2. Reply

    This is important information. I appreciate your work to educate people and the very awesome benefits of both. thank you for empowering people to help heal the planet. I agree, marijuana is here to stay.

      • Brownie
      • 03/17/2018

      Hi Kathleen I think you are right marijuana is here to stay. The potential of marijuana has not been fully explored so hopefully as more people embrace this wonderful plant more research can be done.

  3. I actually didn’t realize there are different varieties of the marijuana plant. So far, it’s still illegal where I am (Pennsylvania). I actually think they just allowed it for medical use. I really hope it becomes legal here and everywhere because I truly believe in the magic of plants and the healing power they have. I don’t see how this one is any different, as long as its used responsibly. I would much rather use marijuana than many of the pharma drugs out there. Thank you for the great information!

      • Brownie
      • 03/17/2018

      Hi Christina I live in Canada where medical marijuana is legal in all provinces and recreational marijuana is set to be legalized this year. The states are really different because even though your state may have legalized marijuana federally it is still a crime. Your attorney general wants anyone who is caught with marijuana to be prosecuted whether it is legal in your state or not. According to Jeff Sessions(your attorney general) “Good people don’t smoke marijuana” So be careful. So much more research needs to be done. I think this plant has a lot more potential.

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