what is medical marijuana used for

What Is Medical Marijuana Used For – Relief or High

When we hear the term medical marijuana we have to wonder is medical marijuana any different from the marijuana we used to buy from the dealer on the corner? Do we still get that high so many of us sought or does it have a different use now? Does our body react the same to medical marijuana as it did to the marijuana of days gone by? What is medical marijuana used for?

Changes In Marijuana

Over the years I would have to say that marijuana has definitely changed. Although it was used as medicine, people were aware of its physcoactive properties. India used it as a herb that helped relieve anxiety.

When marijuana came to the states it was used as hemp. Farmers were actually told to plant hemp. These plants had very low THC levels and were actually spun into fiber which was then used for sails, clothing, insulation etc.

There was another side of this plant though and that was the one that had higher levels of THC. These plants were used mostly for their psychoactive properties.

So we basically had two very different plants that American laws never distinguished between. So even marijuana with low THC was outlawed.

The more people started using marijuana the more researchers started to study it. Their research supposedly showed that marijuana did actually have medicinal value. Also it was discovered that marijuana with high levels of CBD had more medicinal value than marijuana with THC.

Health Risks of Marijuana

Today’s marijuana is much stronger from the marijuana that we smoked back in the 70’s. Back then when people bought marijuana you often got a lot of seeds mixed in with the marijuana. It was not the “clean” buds that a person now gets. The more scientists started to study marijuana they were finding that it was very helpful in treating certain ailments. There did however remain one problem that actually made it a health risk. the health risk was in the way that people were taking marijuana and that was by smoking it. We all know the health hazards of smoking so when a person smokes marijuana there are some health risks to the lungs.

The one thing that I found very interesting when doing research for this article is all the studies done on this tend to zero in on the level of THC in the marijuana. These studies seem to forget about marijuana with low levels of THC and high levels of CBD. That was one thing they did when they banned it back in the 30s they never distinguished between the two.

CBD versus THC

The two main components of marijuana that most people are interested in are THC and CBD. Many people who smoke marijuana for recreational purposes look for marijuana with high levels of THC. As mentioned earlier it is the THC that contains the psychoactive properties that give a person that high euphoria feeling. Somebody suffering from anxiety or depression may be looking for just that feeling.

A person suffering from severe pain or seizures, just to mention a couple of things, is not looking for that feeling of being high. They are looking for relief from pain and seizures. Studies have shown that marijuana with high levels of CBD can actually help that person.

Both THC and CBD however can be used to treat illnesses. Today’s producers are coming up with new strains as they continue to experiment with various levels of THC and CBD in a product. You can buy oil with high levels of THC or CBD or you can buy an oil with 50% THC plus 50% CBD. Depending on what you are using the marijuana for will dictate what you should be taking.

In 2011 the Stanley brothers created a strain of marijuana with low THC and more CBD. Since the THC level was so low it was originally called “Hippie’s Disappointment” since the traditional marijuana smoker saw it as having no value. It was later renamed “Charlotte’s Web” after Charlotte, a girl who suffered from Dravet syndrome and who was having over 300 grand mal seizures a week. Since taking the marijuana her seizures have decreased and she can now play with other kids like a normal child.

So even though it does seem that this marijuana has helped Charlotte and others more research has to be done. This is somewhat of a problem in the States since marijuana is illegal. Some research facilities refused to do the necessary research on marijuana for fear of losing federal funding. This kinda puts researchers between a rock and a hard spot.

So for those that do believe in the medical benefits of marijuana what has medical marijuana been used to treat?

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

When asked what is medical marijuana used for those suffering from the following illnesses will tell you that it has given them relief from their illness:

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • Nauseau
  • Helps fight cancer
  • Seizures
  • Diabetes
  • Crohn’s
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • PTSD
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Multiple scerosis
  • Schizophrenia
  • etc

As you can see there are many medical benefits to marijuana. I am sure if they researched this more intensely they would find many more benefits to using marijuana.

When you look into the history of marijuana and see why it was made illegal in the first place it is no wonder that many of us have no faith in some people who hold powerful positions whether it be in government or other places. It just seems that they are sometimes motivated by their own greed and really do not care about those they are supposedly  representing.


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    • Ryan
    • 03/09/2018

    Love this website! It helps patients with learning the process of pot and everything about it. I personally use marijuana as a relief for my anxiety and also to unwind if I am very stressed. It’s been a big factor in me growing up in my life and I will continue to use it as it makes me feel safe and secure. Thank you for your article.

      • Brownie
      • 03/10/2018

      Hi Ryan thanks for dropping by.  I am glad to hear that marijuana helps you.  I never started using until into my 60’s and am amazed at how well it does help with my issues mainly pain and sleeping.  It just amazes me at how many health issues this plant can help with.  

    • kmv
    • 03/14/2018

    Hey Brownie,

    Lots of great information here on medical marijuana. I come from Oregon, one of the first states to allow its use for medical (and now rec) purposes.

    There is no doubt in my mind that marijuana helps a lot of people that kind find relief other ways.

    If you ingest vs smoke, is there a difference in how THC and CBD are absorbed by the body? I personally don’t like to smoke and won’t to avoid the healthy risk that come with smoking. But if I can’t get the full benefit without smoking, I guess I would have to take some risk.

    Thanks again!

      • Brownie
      • 03/14/2018

      Hi Kim thanks for dropping by and thanks for the great question.  There is definitely a difference in the way the body absorbs the THC in marijuana when you smoke it or ingest it.  When a person smoke or vapes the effect is felt almost immediately whereas when ingested it could take between 30 minutes to 2 hours before you feel any effect.  Because of this if you are going to ingest marijuana make sure you start out by taking very small amounts and waiting at least two hours to see what effect it has on you.  In one way by getting an immediate effect by smoking it is easier to tell how much to use.

      I’m like you though I do not like to smoke so I use oil.  It takes at least a couple of hours to have any effect.

    • Simo
    • 03/22/2018

    I have heard that CBD oil can be a great pain relief. I had a period in my life where I suffered from severe back pain, and was hoping to get some of the oil, but unfortunately it’s not allowed in Finland. They sell CBD juice and powder, but I think this works in a different way. Hopefully one day CBD would be freely available!

    1. Reply

      Hi Simo I have found that the oil that is high in CBD helps to relax you thus easing pain and helping you sleep. I injured my neck at work years ago and I was having a very hard time sleeping. I did not like sleeping pills because I always found that in the morning I felt like I was in a stupor. What I really like about the oil is it helps me have a good nights sleep and in the morning I feel refreshed, wide awake and ready to go. The CBD juice and powder should work just fine. It may take longer to take effect so give it some time. I know when I take the oil I give it at least a couple of hours.

  1. Reply

    Thanks for providing the differences between CBD and THC. I am totally new to the topic of marijuana but with all the news of becoming legal in Canada, it has peaked a lot of interest. I am glad to see that it does have medicinal benefits if used properly. It will be interesting to see how it all rolls out if/when the Bill passes.

    1. Reply

      Hi Paul thanks for the comment. Marijuana does have a lot of health benefits. It is unfortunate that some people just want to see the bad side of marijuana. If we look back at the history of marijuana I think those that see just the bad side of marijuana and who are in power to do something about legalizing it are really just looking after their rich friend’s pocketbooks.

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